He leads him to a basement where Mr. Kruger is waiting and Reiner recognizes him as Eren Jaeger. The three treasure hunters respectively split into separate battles with Natsu, Gray, and Lucy and Wendy. Animeflix Her teammates continue their battles and succeed in forcing the “Moon Drip” from the treasure hunters, although it is promptly destroyed by Happy’s incompetence. Natsu attempts to fight the new enemy but discovers that with his age reversion, his powers have also severely regressed and is forced to retreat.

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The practice runs stop when Keisuke radios Fumihiro to tell him that he has crashed due to a pool of oil in the road, placed there by their opponents. Keisuke’s car is damaged significantly, and so won’t be able to compete, much to the amusement of Aikawa. Takumi is told to continue practicing on one half of the course, while the rest of the team clean up the oil slick. After his deliveries one night, Bunta tells Takumi that he is giving him full ownership of the Eight-Six, as he uses it more than him.

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It is later revealed his actual eyes are also dark brown. He has long black hair that is tied up to a ponytail and bangs that pass his chin, often covering parts of his emotionless face. He bears a strong resemblance to his mother and has thin eyebrows identical as he inherited her own eyebrows. Without his topknot, Hyakkimaru’s long hair seems identical to his mother. Now that you know about them, it is time to get your snacks and prepare yourself for the journey of entertainment.


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While nothing seemed to be wrong, the leave but follow the two men to the home of Schultz the head of the local Jewish Bank. While losing sight of Harnisch and Adolf, they find Schultz revealing himself to Adolf after killing the girl he loved. This allows for Akira to find Schultz and quickly kill him. After doing so the Timeskip starts up again and they are placed inside the Timeskip itself where they discover the Court of Hell. Set not so long after his fight with Sirene, Akira is seen on the beach with Miki and Ryo. When Akira plays in the ocean with Miki, Akira starts to swim out far from the shore with Miki only to notice the sky starting to darken.